Emanoel Castro at 300 Degrees!

Yes, he studies everything! He is an eternal 'beta version' of laughs!

About Him and the Arts

Emanoel Castro, Brazilian, 38 years old, lives in Michigan/Florida - United States, traveler, not super tall, fitness, healthier, ex-preacher(what?).

He was born in Iguatu CE - Brazil. Unique son of father and mother. He was always happy with it until he was 8 years old because gifts were everything to him, but he became sad in his adulthood because being the only son of a father and mother sucks! He came to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, at the age of 4 after the divorce of his parents.

As a child, he had the nickname "stutterer" because he was a little stutterer(especially because he certainly wouldn't have this nickname for being a bricklayer). He underwent treatment, but in high school, he was always "bullied" because he was an ex-stutter child.

He grew up disgusted with life(this part is a lie or maybe true), and he was bad at soccer, although he had a father who even played it with a small team in the state of Ceará.

Today Emanoel Castro is a person of professional success and very happy personally: his ex-wife kicked his ass, his company went bankrupt, and before all that his mother also died, leaving him alone inside this world in 2008... poor guy... but he is happy personally because his story will provide phenomenal content for his shows with his characters.

But he is a professionally successful person because he has vast knowledge in several areas(and this is true). Some people say that he is a genius, others say he is crazy, and still, others say that Emanoel is so intelligent that behind him the person felt like a donkey... He does not know the why...

His biggest dream was to work with entertainment, he wanted to work with 3D animation and Games. As money was never his strength, he was always a broken one, he made an exchange with a big school offering his knowledge to take the cinema course. He got what he wanted and in the future came to learn how game development worked too.

He got rich! But no...

Why? Because he knows so much that he never focuses on anything! He's a loser anyway!


How in animation you need to "give life" to characters, he learned acting and voice acting, and it was there that the desire to act began to grow in his little heart. But he learned acting just a little, as he thought he was too good to learn more!

Pride is sad...

And to make matters even worse, he is an ex-singer and ex-percussionist. His father was a musician in the state of Ceará and this was the only good psychological legacy that he left to him: music.

Until 2005 Emanoel invested well in his musical area, but then without investment, without the partnership, and without money, he stopped with the profession.

Today for the first time in his life he does something professional, becoming a true comedian singer known to his entire family: today no one...

See below what he thinks he is:



He has been writing articles since 2004, having been featured on major websites such as iMasters in Brazil. Studied screenwrite with Daniel Duncan(Screenwriter of "The Noite", a big TV Late Show in Brazil) and Daniel Villas Boas("Setebelos" Comedy Group) getting a headline by writing scripts with a focus on comedy and skits, whether for his humor channel, acting or stand up comedy.



Teaches cinema classes at an online school, did theater/cultural production, took a theater and comedy course with Adriana Nunes("Os Melhores do Mundo" - one of the biggest comedy group in Brazil) and with the actor Bernardo Felinto(Rede Globo Television - the biggest TV Channel in Brazil), in addition He learned how to prepare and direct actors with Paloma Riani(Rede Globo Television). He acts with theater shows, and intends to act on TV and in Cinema.


Voice actor

This art was born in early 2010 when Emanoel Castro took part in an advertising campaign where he was invited to compose, voice a character, sing and play a song for the campaign. Done, he stayed "in love"!



Despite being born in the state of Ceará(a big state for comedy), this art of making people laugh was only made for his family at home. And after his mother passed away he "killed" it for good. But in 2015 he brought this art back and today he even has a test youtube channel called eDOTMAN channel with several characters.


Stand Up Comedian

As he said in a lecture and article once: it is an "informational hodgepodge of creation". Make people laugh creatively with real and valuable information. This is the famous "clean-faced humor", and of course, Emanoel could not be left out.



He loves to sing! He was a musician until 2005 and recently returned with the singer character. And he loves to teach! He has already taught percussion, he has taught about IT, today he is the mentor of an online school of cinema and games and he started a new course on "Development of New Ideas".


Online Course of New Ideas Development

Emanoel Castro is preparing a course for you who is a comedian or not, in fact for you who need to develop your ideas better to generate real results! Coming soon...


Cinema Mentor

This "little boy" has an online school as a Cinema Mentor. The school is focused on 3D/2D Animation and Visual Effects: soon it will be here in The US! Want to learn? Watch the video on the side and access the website by clicking below:

Access the Website Now!


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hours of insomnia


Please, he needs to work, and he asks to the crazy people who are here to hire his "entirely one" projects that are "on display".


Music + Acting + Comedy 

Website below:

Soft Purpose

Self Awareness + Self Monetization 

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More Daddy than God


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What do they say about him?

  • “I have known him for 7 years and during this time I have been able to follow his development well. He studied, he prepared! He acquired a very large baggage and I trust what he says because he puts everything he learns into practice.”

    — Daniel Crepaldi

  • “My experience with Emanoel Castro's classes I really liked because he has a methodology based on the concept. I was not focused on a particular tool, but how the conceptual functioning should happen, and it was one of the things I liked the most!”

    — Hannry Pschera

  • “I was privileged to have been invited by Emanoel to a live event and it was a "fabulous" and transforming experience. He managed to bring the greatest speakers from Brazil and managed to conduct our work as if he were a great conductor. People Emanoel is a beast! You can trust!”

    — Dany Padilla


All Emanoel Castro's videos are on his personal YouTube channel and the characters are on the eDOTMAN Channel website and also on YouTube. Click on the link below to watch the videos of the eDOTMAN Channel on YouTube: